What Are The Causes Of Damp Walls?

Rising Damp

Damp walls are generally the result of high moisture contents inside a building or in a building’s structure. Rising damp is one of the damp problems that affect your building’s walls. Water from the ground penetrates a structure via capillary action, which is known as rising damp. Water that enters or influences a structure in any other manner can move around in various ways, but it is not rising damp. The installation of a chemical damp proof course (DPC) will only remedy rising damp.

Rising damp is a somewhat common problem in various types of buildings, but it is sometimes misinterpreted. Damp investigations and remedial rising damp treatment must be carried out by a specialist firm like Sussex Damp Experts, which can recognise, identify, remedy the problem for the long term.

Penetrating Damp

One of the most harmful and detrimental concerns you may encounter at home is penetrating dampness. This sort of damp is also known as rain penetration and refers to water that enters the house from the outside.

Water infiltration may usually be traced back to its source and treated using low-cost solutions. The penetrating moisture problems will be examined and addressed by our skilled damp-proofing crew.


Condensation is one of the most common causes of humidity in many areas, particularly bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, and bedrooms. This occurs when warm moist air collides with cold surfaces, causing water to accumulate on the wall’s surface. It’s also worth noting that the problem can arise distance from the source of the water vapour. Water vapour produced in a bathroom or kitchen, for example, may diffuse throughout the home and condense on the cool bedroom walls. Condensation occurs more frequently during the colder months when the amount of water vapour in the air is more significant. It’s worth noting that Black Mould can only grow in pure water such that found in condensation. Thus it’s not a sign of rising moisture.

Building Defects

Internal dampness can be caused by various issues, including broken or missing mortar paths in outer walls, damaged stone windowsills, insufficient sealant around doors and windows, and poorly maintained wooden doors and windows.

Plumbing Issues

A small plumbing leak can result in a large and significant damp patch; the water escape may be tiny, but it is usually consistent and concentrated in the same location. The area consumes more moisture than it can expel due to the strong, recurrent wetting, and the excess spreads to nearby places.

Leaky Gutters

If you’ve discovered a moist patch in your home or yard, it may be due to faulty guttering. Gutters can be a source of moisture. When most of the network is covered in debris or grime and dirt, this is likely to happen.

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Damp Proofing Services
Why It’s Important To Treat And Repair Damp Walls?

Existing dampness on a property has various disadvantages and cause problems not only for the building itself and the health. It will cause mould to appear, and it will affect the building’s structure if left untreated. Medical experts advise avoiding breathing in mould walls environments that can develop respiratory conditions. Even worse for people with respiratory pre-conditions. Damp proofing is a method of preventing moisture from entering a structure. We can provide a variety of moisture-proofing methods at Sussex Damp Experts, each with its own set of benefits. A damp proof course (DPC) is a particular architecture that helps control increasing damp by controlling the moisture that their capillary action causes. This rising damp treatment avoids moisture to cause damage to walls.

A damp proof membrane (DPM) is a particular membrane that is put into a structure to deal with moisture. A DPM uses a polyethene material positioned beneath a sheet of concrete to help manage moisture. Water and moisture, such as rain, are protected by this type of coating. It also contains cement, such as shotcrete, which provides moisture, water, and pressure resistance. The construction of cavity walls creates a space between the inner and outside walls to keep water out, whereas pressure grouting is used to plug any gaps in masonry walls. For expert advice and a professional plan of action to deal with any damp related issue, contact Sussex Damp Experts or give us a call on 01273 257 765 to have our damp proofing specialists analyse your building’s situation and develop the most cost-effective solution for the problems.

Can Damp Cause Structural Damage?

The structural integrity of a building can be harmed by damp. Outside, mortar can crumble, leaving salt marks on the walls. The corrosion of the steel and iron fasteners would further weaken the structure. In severe circumstances, mortar or plaster may fall off an infected wall. Furthermore, moisture tends to cause secondary harm to a structure. Excessive humidity encourages the growth of particular wood fungus (causing wood rot), leading to health problems and the so-called sick building syndrome. Furthermore, humidity promotes the deterioration of plaster and paint, as well as the peeling of wallpaper.

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Don’t Delay Damp Walls’ Treatment & Repair!

If you discover moisture in your home, act soon; else, the residents and the structure may suffer severe consequences. In addition to the visual annoyance it causes, dampness can cause significant structural damage to a property’s structure and jeopardise its stability if not remedied promptly. It’s also proof that it can create respiratory troubles, particularly in individuals who already have them.

If you have dampness in your building, whatever the reason, contact our damp proofing services as soon as possible. If left unchecked, damp can cause a range of issues in the building, including:

  • Peeling paint;
  • Dry rot and wet rot – rotten wood;
  • Crumbling plaster;
  • Warped floorboards and skirting boards;
  • Fasteners and rusted steel.

Whether you have a flooded property, have increasing damp difficulties or are worried about condensation, Sussex Damp Experts can diagnose and cure your property’s problems, providing a cost-effective long term solution.

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Damp Walls’ Treatment & Repair Services Costs

Treatment, repair, and damp proofing costs are governed by a variety of factors, including the property’s dimensions, architecture, kind of damp, and materials utilised, to name a few.

Call our fully trained team at 01273 257 765 to organise a damp and timber survey because there are many details to consider. Before providing you with the most cost-effective price, one of our pleasant team members will inspect the property and thoroughly understand the situation and what are adequate damp treatments.

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Sussex Damp Experts is a property preservation firm with a team of damp proofing experts who have extensive experience in damp proofing solutions. We take pride in our ability to provide high-quality, trustworthy solutions backed by long-term guarantees that consumers can rely on.

No matter what type of damp problem your property has, our skilled surveyors will be able to assess the flaws in your house and recommend the most cost-effective repair alternative. Our damp treatment services are backed by a money-back guarantee and a warranty of 30 years. If you’ve seen any concerning damp walls or wet stains, call our helpful experts at 01273 257 765 to organise a property survey.

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