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Looking for Damp Proofing Services, in Brighton? An examination of your property is the first step toward fixing any rising damp, woodworm (wood boring beetles), wet rot, dry rot or structural timber problems in your building. At Sussex Damp Experts, our Brighton damp proofing, team will only report on legitimate damp issues and propose cost-effective solutions. Our Brighton damp proofing specialists can evaluate your property, elaborate a damp and timber survey, and suggest the best course of action for structural repairs.

As is the case with our experts, a Brighton damp surveyor must be approved by the Property Care Association (PCA). Sussex Damp Experts provide solutions, a comprehensive selection of damp proof treatments, and we are confident in our abilities to make cost-effective structural repairs backed by our 30 year guarantee.

Professional Friendly Staff

Customer Focused Team strive to provide solutions & cost-effective, high-quality damp treatments that meet your requirements. If you require any further information from our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Sussex Damp Experts offers a 30 year warranty as well as alternative long-term insurance-backed guarantees.

Excellent Reputation

Sussex Damp Experts carry comprehensive employers/public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We offer property damp prevention solutions, full surveying reporting within 24 hours, honest and trustworthy 30 year guarantee, transparent and itemised quotes and great Brighton damp proofing treatments.

Reliable Service

From private to commercial properties, Sussex Damp Experts has 20 combined years of experience in various settings, including private residences, commercial properties, offices, and public buildings such as churches and historic properties.

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Brighton Damp Proofing Services

Sussex Damp Experts are specialists in damp proofing in Brighton and South East England. To protect your property from damp problems, we offer professional solutions for Damp Proofing, Condensation Control, Basement Waterproofing, Dry Rot, Wet Rot, and Woodworm (wood boring beetles) Infestation, as well as a variety of other damp and structural repairs.

Rising Damp

Rising Damp is one of the most serious yet misunderstood damp issues in the UK.

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Rising Damp


Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant.

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Structural Waterproofing

Condensation Solutions

Condensation can harm your belongings, including electronics, in addition to being a health risk.

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Condensation Solutions

Ceiling Damp

Always consult an expert to determine the best solution for moisture or mould on your ceilings.

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Ceiling Damp

Basement Damp

Basement Tanking is also known as cellar tanking and is used to achieve damp proof rooms.

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Basement Tanking

Timber Damp

Timber Damp causes rot, which will weaken the structural integrity of the building.

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Timber Damp

Basement tanking

Basement Damp can compromise a building’s structural integrity.

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Basement Damp

Wet Rot

Wet rot it’s a wood-rotting fungus that thrives on moist wood.

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Wet Rot

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What Are the Causes of Damp in a Property?

Damp is usually a sign of a more serious underlying problem. As a result, determining the cause of damp in a property is the first step in resolving the issue. If you see wet spots, rising damp or penetrating damp on the interior or exterior of your home, it might be the result of one of the following issues:

  • Rainwater seeps in through the cracks in the brickwork;
  • Condensation;
  • High ground levels;
  • Rising damp;
  • Roofing that is not up to code;
  • Flooding from the outside;
  • Gutters that are leaking and downpipes that are broken;
  • Window or door seals that aren’t up to par;
  • Drains that aren’t working correctly;
  • Defective Insulation for cavity walls;
  • Damage on walls and moisture-proof course caused by tree roots;
  • Internal plumbing that isn’t working correctly.

Don’t Delay Solving The Damp Problem

Act quickly if you notice wetness in your home. Otherwise, the residents and the building may face serious issues. Failure to damp proof can cause severe structural damage to a property’s structure and compromise structural integrity if not handled on time, in addition to the visual discomfort it causes. It’s also proof that it can cause respiratory problems, mainly affecting persons who already have respiratory issues.

Whether you have damp due to condensation, leaking guttering or pipes, call our Brighton damp removal and waterproofing experts as soon as possible to get it repaired. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service, as well as our depth of knowledge, are the foundations of our continued success.  Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us.

What Is Damp Proofing and How Does It Work?

The term ‘damp proofing’ refers to a broader process of maintaining a property by utilising damp avoidance services. Damp, rising damp and excessive moisture problems may harm any property, whether it’s old or new. Building materials degrade over time, making older homes more vulnerable. Over time, masonry can become porous, roofs can leak, and damp proof courses can become ineffective.

Taking on and treating damp to ensure long-term damp proof protection requires a high level of professional competence and experience, which Sussex Damp Experts can provide. Sussex Damp Experts provide you with a team of expert damp proofing surveyors to our commercial and household clients who will identify the core cause of the problem. Where damp proofing is required, our team of in-house damp proofing professionals will complete the job to satisfy all standards.

Solving Brighton Damp Issues, Rising Damp, Wet Rot & Dry Rot

Our team has over 20 years of expertise offering damp proofing in Brighton. If you are experiencing damp issues in Brighton, please call our Brighton damp specialist team on 01273 257 765 to schedule a survey. Following our instructions, one of our CSRT and CSSW trained surveyors will thoroughly examine and provide a report, price quote and suggestions. We have a complete team of damp proofing specialists who have a comprehensive portfolio dealing with damp issues, such as dry rot and woodworm (wood boring beetles), wet rot, wood rot, basement waterproofing, internal dampness, rain penetration, and condensation control in commercial properties and private homes.

Damp Proofing Services, Treatments And Repairs

Damp Proof Course

Even when rising damp is minimised, there will frequently be a tiny amount of moisture trapped in the substrate owing to salt contamination. PTL will install a chemical DPC system to control the problem if necessary. At regular intervals, the chemical DPC is injected into the walls. The salt-contaminated plaster will be replaced, and the decorative surface will be protected from any remaining moisture in the wall.

Expert Rendering

Water-attractive hygroscopic salts, which are transferred from the earth to the brickwork by increased wetness, will continue to draw moisture, especially during periods of high humidity. The damp-proof course will keep the dampness from rising any further. Re-plastering to the PTL specification is necessary if this occurs to an unsatisfactory degree. PTL has expert plasterers on staff and would be happy to give quotes for this job.

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Benefits Of Damp Proofing On Time

Failure to damp proof will cause severe structural damage to a property’s structure and jeopardise structural integrity if not treated on time, in addition to the aesthetic discomfort it causes. It’s also proof that it can cause respiratory problems, mainly affecting those who already have respiratory issues.

Whether you have dampness due to condensation, failure of a damp proof membrane or damp proof course, leaking guttering, or leaking pipes, call our damp removal and damp proofing professionals as soon as possible to get it addressed.

Damp can create a variety of structural repair problems in the building if left untreated, including:

  • Peeling paint
  • Rotten wood – dry rot, wet rot problems
  • Crumbling plaster
  • Warped floorboards
  • Rusty steel and fasteners
  • Warped facing and skirting boards

Sussex Damp Experts can identify and fix your problems, giving a cost-effective solution, whether you have a flooded house, rising damp issues or condensation concerns.

Sussex Damp Experts – Damp Proofing At Affordable Prices

The costs associated with addressing a damp problem depend on many different factors such as dimensions, property’s architecture, type of damp cause, materials involved, among others.

Because there’s a comprehensive range of details to consider, don’t hesitate to contact our fully trained team to book a survey and have one of our friendly staff/team members inspect the property and fully understand the situation, providing you with the most cost-effective quote.

Why Choose Sussex Damp Experts?

We follow excellent standards in damp proofing treatments, professional re-plastering, wood preservation and are experts in performing damp surveys.

We provide highly customised, competent, and dependable damp proof treatment and structural repair services to homes, local authorities, small companies, and commercial property owners and managers, with good communication as standard. So call us today at 01273 257 765 to speak with a member of our helpful team about your needs.

Some advantages of choosing Sussex Damp Experts:

  • CSSW and CSRT Surveyors
  • Award-winning PCA members
  • Expert service from fully qualified technicians
  • Over 20 combined years of experience

30 Years Guarantee

All of our work is backed by our company’s warranties for your safety and security. We are also members of the Guarantee Protection Scheme, an independent insurance policy that covers the duration of your 30 year guarantee if you want to take it out.

Damp Proofing FAQ

Can dry rot come back?

Dealing with the cause of damp in your property is the best way to stop the fungus from coming back. Dry rot only takes root in surfaces with a moisture content of 20% or higher. If this drops, the dry rot spores will become dormant. First you need to find the source of the damp.

Should you treat wet rot?

If you find wet rot in an area of your property that could compromise its structural integrity we would always recommend professional treatment.

Is penetrating damp serious?

Like most cases of damp, if left untreated it can cause problems for the structure and significant damage to the fabric of your home. If a penetrating damp problem is left untreated it can cause deterioration to the fabric of your property including damage to walls, floors, ceilings and can even cause rot to timbers.

Can rising damp cause structural damage?

Rising damp can cause superficial damage to an internal wall, as well as structural damage to timber and masonry. It harbours mould too, which can result in health problems for you and your family.

What happens if you don’t treat rising damp?

If left untreated, rising damp can cause extreme damage to the structure of your property. The cost of damp-proofing will be small in comparison to repairing your home interior and exterior fabric that you may have to replace. Rising damp can destroy decoration, plaster and can cause rot to the timber within your home.

What is the difference between rising damp and penetrating damp?

The most common differentiator between rising and penetrative damp is the height at which it occurs. Rising damp will only occur up to a metre from the ground, whereas penetrating damp can occur anywhere.

How long does damp proofing last?

Typically, a physical damp proof course lasts for 20-25 years and can fail due to it not being fitted properly or deterioration. If a damp proofing course has failed then this could potentially lead to rising damp.

What does damp proofing involve?

A Damp Proofing system is a moisture control barrier that can be applied to walls, floors and the structure to prevent moisture from passing into the interior living spaces. … Integral damp proofing in concrete involves adding water proofers to the concrete mix to make the concrete itself moisture resistant.

What does a damp proofing survey specialist do?

You need a damp specialist to identify the root cause of the damp problem and provide the most appropriate cost-effective specification for repairs. A qualified and experienced Surveyor will accurately diagnose your property damp problem.

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