Damp Investigation Surveys

The first step in resolving any damp concerns in your house is to have an inspection performed. Our team covers both East Sussex and West Sussex areas.

What Exactly Are Investigative Damp Surveys Surveys?

The specialist damp surveyor provides a necessary procedure for ensuring that a building is up to code. It may be carried out in both home and commercial settings, which translates to a better financial interest in the property. It’s similar to home inspections done when you buy a house, except it focuses solely on detecting indications of moisture.

This survey is a type of property inquiry and report that focuses on any damp concerns that the individual building may have, the amount of any damage, and the necessary subsequent actions to lessen or reverse the problem in simple words.

Our specialist damp surveyors carry out this method. They will examine where the damp is present, how much damp is there, what harm it may do in the future if left untreated, what type it is (wet rot, dry rot or other damp issues) and the best strategy for fixing the problem.

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Stages of a Damp Survey

1. Searching For External Problems

The first step for our specialist damp surveyors is to examine the building’s external envelope for any visible flaws that might lead to damp penetration. Damage to the outside of the home, such as defective roof tiling, poor window pointing, or porous brickwork, is the source of many damp problems. To avoid additional water infiltration, have your property’s external envelope examined by a qualified builder regularly and any necessary maintenance repairs done. Failure to do so might result in serious harm to the fabric of your home as well as rot assault on the wood, resulting in alarming timber decay.

2. Analysis Of The Damp Problem

Our surveyor will look into the first issue area that has been reported. If this is a problem that can spread, the surrounding region will be thoroughly explored. Penetrating damp, for example, might spread over multiple rooms. It’s simple to misdiagnose the sort of damp that’s causing the issue, and if that happens, the damp won’t be effectively addressed. There might be several types of damages and causes that can originate damp, such as wet rot, dry rot, woodworm, cavity wall ties, basement waterproofing, among others. That is why, at Sussex Damp Experts, we only hire damp professional surveyors who are well-versed in the several forms of damp that might impact your home. This means that no matter what damp problem is discovered, our surveyor will perform the dampness survey and suggest the necessary remedy.

3. Reporting On A Damp Survey

Our specialist surveyor will give a survey report when the dampness survey is completed. This will be emailed or delivered to you. After the dampness survey is conducted, if you require a verbal update on the problem, our surveyor will be happy to provide one. The report will include the problem and how it arose, as well as the suggested solutions. A repair quotation will be provided if remedial treatment work is required to solve the problem.

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What Procedure Does Our Damp Surveyor Follow?

After you’ve scheduled a dampness survey, the damp surveyor will schedule a visit to your home to examine the situation. They’ll ask you questions about the problem, how long it’s been going on, and any changes you’ve seen since it started on the day of the survey. If you own the property, you will be able to answer these questions; however, if you rent it or are considering purchasing it, these questions will be sent to the landlord or the existing owner. When they’ve acquired as much information as possible regarding the issue, they’ll go around the house, examining any potential damp problems along the way but concentrating on the places you’ve indicated. The surveyor will check for evidence of damp, possible causes, and any prospective concerns that might lead to future damp.

To check the property, several instruments can be employed. A damp metre, for example, is a valuable tool since it can examine walls for symptoms of damp problems that would otherwise go undetected, analyse the property both horizontally and vertically, and produce a moisture profile to aid in the search for a suitable damp-removal solution.

A dampness survey report will be lengthy, but it will be written in clear English to describe the extent of the damage and the subsequent measures that must be taken. It will also contain any additional research the surveyor conducted after the survey to put together the amount of the damage, what it implies for the home and a cost estimate for fully resolving the damp problem. The findings will subsequently be detailed in a report that you will get either email or mail.

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How Long Does It Take To Do A Damp Survey?

The length of a dampness survey is determined by the property’s size, construction, the kind of damp problem, and the degree of the damage. On the other hand, a wet survey will take around three to four hours to finish on average.

Are Damp Surveys Worth It?

Because various factors can cause moisture and dampness in buildings, it’s critical to have a qualified professional assess the situation and recommend a suitable, effective remedy. The alternative is to try a one-size-fits-all solution that may have little or no effect on the problem and may even exacerbate it.

It’s critical to have guarantees that any property meets certain quality and is unlikely to incur severe harm in the future. A dampness survey will provide you with these guarantees while also assisting you in preventing mould, extending the life of your home’s walls and ceilings, and lowering needless future expenses to remedy the problem if it worsens. One of our trained damp surveyors will conduct a thorough inspection and provide you with a full report.

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What Happens If Increasing Damp Isn’t Addressed?

If left unchecked, increasing moisture can cause severe structural damage to your home. The expense of damp-proofing is low when compared to the cost of repairing or replacing your home’s interior and exterior fabric. Rising moisture may ruin your home’s décor and plaster, as well as cause timber decay.

What Is The Purpose Of A Mould Or Damp Survey?

If you see mould or damp in your house or property, there might be an issue somewhere. Mould is frequently a sign of a more significant problem, and the cure is not always evident. A Sussex Damp Experts survey can determine the source of the damp and, as a result, the cause of the mould growth. We’ll also teach you how to solve the problem, which is usually relatively straightforward.

Mould may develop on dry or painted walls as long as enough moisture is in the air to support it; you’d be amazed how little moisture it requires! If you have mould that continues reappearing despite your best efforts to wipe it off your surfaces, contact us to locate the source and teach you how to stop the mould by addressing the root cause rather than masking the symptoms.

We perform private mould and dampness surveys as well as work with housing associations throughout England. Ask your landlord to contact us or call us for a second opinion if you are a tenant with mould or moisture.

If you’re moving into a new home and believe it has a mould or damp problem, we can inspect the entire property to ensure it’s not a long-term issue. The survey also can be helpful for pre-sale purposes. If you’re having issues with mould or moisture, give us a call, and we’ll help you figure out what’s causing the problem.

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How Much Does A Damp Survey Cost?

The price of a damp survey is usually determined by the size of the building. The more rooms and the larger the house, the longer the damp survey will take and hence the higher the cost.

As a guide, a damp survey for a two-bedroom property will cost around £200. Your damp survey will cost about £250 if you have a three-bedroom terraced property. A damp survey for a bigger 4-bed detached property would set you back around £300 on average.

Why Choose Sussex Damp Experts

Delivering Property Care

Sussex Damp Experts is a leading property preservation and damp proofing company in the United Kingdom. Our damp surveyors are all appropriately trained and online consumer reviews and construction industry awards continue to recognise our efforts to deliver the best quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Sussex Damp Experts can give a focused and cost-effective solution to any condensation problem in your building, penetrating damp difficulties in your property, or timber defects in a historic structure due to, for example, dry-rot.

Long Term Guarantees – Up To 30 Years

Working in the construction industry with 20 years of combined experience, Sussex Damp Experts can provide long-term guarantees that our clients can trust. Our goal is to not only provide a high-quality service but to address our clients’ property problems and provide high-quality repairs, giving them peace of mind that their property is safe.

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