What Are Damp Proofing Treatments?

Damp proofing is a technique for keeping dampness out of a building’s interior by sealing the floors and walls. Any construction, especially older homes without a damp control system, can be affected by dampness. Rising damp and penetrating damp are the two types of damp. Whatever kind of dampness problem your property has, our damp proofing experts will find it and treat it.

When Damp Proofing is applied to basements, it’s also known as cellar tanking, basement tanking or basement waterproofing.

You may always rely on Sussex Damp Experts’ damp proofing services. If you discover rising damp, penetrating damp, or timber issues such as dry rot or wet rot in an underground area, please get in touch asap. We’ve used a variety of waterproofing and tanking methods on projects ranging from minor household repairs to major commercial projects, including car-parks, tunnels, and new constructions. Sussex Damp Experts is the business to call for excellent damp proofing, no matter what your project requires.

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What Are The Most Common Damp Causes In Basements/Cellars?

  1. Condensation

    Condensation, which can be found in all parts of the house, but is most prominent in areas where water is used frequently, is one of the most common sources of dampness. Water appears on the surface when warm wet air collides with cold surfaces.

  2. Plumbing Issues

    Water escape can be minimal, but it is typically recurrent and concentrated in the same region so that minor plumbing leaks could be the source of large and major damp patches. The area soon consumes more moisture than it can release, and the excess spreads to nearby places due to the forceful, recurrent wetting.

  3. Defects in the Construction

    Indoor moisture can be caused by various structural flaws, including weak or damaged mortar channels in exterior walls, inadequate stone windows, poor door and window sealing, and poorly maintained wooden doors and windows.

  4. Leaking Gutters

    Poor guttering could be the source of a damp place in your home or backyard. Guttering can induce dampness. Quite possibly, this is when most of the network is coated in debris or filth and dirt.

    All of these can cause rising damp, penetrating damp and mould development if not treated properly. This can originate health issues, especially worrying people with respiratory conditions. With our damp proofing services, you can have your basement waterproofing done by damp proofing experts and forget about any damp problem.

Is It Possible For Damp To Cause Structural Damage In Basements/Cellars?

Damp can compromise a building’s structural integrity. The mortar could shatter outside, leaving salt stains on the walls. Steel and iron fasteners will corrode significantly faster, damaging the structure. In extreme cases, the mortal and plaster can shatter the damaged wall.

In addition, dampness can cause secondary property damage. Excessive moisture promotes the growth of a specific type of wood fungus, which can cause health problems and the “sick building syndrome.” Humidity also accelerates the deterioration of plaster and paint, as well as wallpaper stripping.

That’s why it’s so important to damp proof correctly your basement. Call Sussex Damp Experts today to have damp proofing specialists look at your property, elaborate a comprehensive damp and timber survey and recommend the best basement waterproof strategy for your requirements.

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What is Structural Waterproofing?

Structural waterproofing is a general term used for damp proofing and tanking your structure to ensure it is watertight. Structural waterproofing is most commonly used for properties with high ground levels or low or below ground flats to provide a dry internal finish.

What is tanking in waterproofing?

Tanking – also referred to as below ground waterproofing – involves the application of a waterproofing barrier to the walls, the base slab and in some cases, to the roof of the below-ground structure.

What Is the Importance Of Basement/Cellar Tanking?

The goal of cellar tanking is to keep the basement or cellar as dry as possible while keeping outside moisture out. It also keeps the cellar walls and floor warm enough to prevent condensation, which leads to moisture buildup on the inside of the basement.

Where Can Basement/Cellar Damp Proofing Be Used?

Also known as tanking, basement damp-proofing is a practice that can be carried out in any room. It is, however, essential in underground structures, walls, or floors that come into direct contact with the earth.

Cellars can be damp and useless for storing anything other than a bottle of wine and an old can of paint. If you want to use your cellar or basement to its greatest potential, you’ll need to keep it dry. Tanking methods apply an impervious waterproofing coating to the walls and floors of vaults, keeping them dry and allowing them to be used for a wider range of purposes. Damp proofing it’s an investment not only for your health but also increases your property’s value.

Basement Waterproofing during a Basement Conversion

The goal of most basement conversions is to provide you with more usable space, somewhere that is fully dry and comfortable. The procedure of waterproofing a basement is therefore essential to any basement conversion.

Basement waterproofing is the process of preventing water from entering the basement. External waterproofing and cement tanking (which function by restricting water entry into your basement) or installing a cavity membrane drainage system (which allows you to control any water ingress by diverting it to a suitable evacuation point) are two ways to accomplish this.

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Our Basement/Cellar Damp Proofing Services

Damp proofing is a method of preventing moisture from entering the property. At Sussex Damp Experts, we provide various damp proofing options, each with its own set of advantages.

Damp Proof Course

A damp proof course (DPC) is a technique that helps control increasing damp by controlling the moisture that their capillary action causes. Even when rising damp is minimised, there will typically be a tiny amount of moisture maintained in the substrate due to salt contamination. Sussex Damp Experts will install a chemical DPC system to control the problem if necessary. At regular intervals, the chemical DPC is injected into the walls. The salt-contaminated plaster will be replaced, and the decorative surface will be protected from any remaining moisture in the wall.

The DPC will keep the humidity from rising any further. Water-attractive hygroscopic salts, which are transported from the earth to the brickwork by increased wetness, will continue to draw moisture, especially during periods of high humidity. Re-plastering to the Sussex Damp Experts specification is required if this occurs to an unsatisfactory degree. Sussex Damp Experts has expert plasterers on staff and would be happy to provide quotes for this job.

Damp Proof Membrane

A damp proof membrane (DPM) is a specific membrane put into a structure to keep moisture out. Buildings are protected from water and moisture, including rain, using this coating process. A DPM uses a polyethene material positioned beneath a sheet of concrete to help manage moisture. It’s also built of cement, like shotcrete, which can withstand dampness, humidity, and pressure. The cavity wall’s structure creates a cavity between the inner and exterior walls to keep water out, while masonry walls use pressure grouting to cover all gaps.

These are a few examples of techniques used for damp proofing. Please get in touch with our team to know the options available for your property and start using all of your basement’s potential.

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Basement/Cellar Structural Waterproofing At Competitive Prices

The cost of dealing with damp issues, whether repairing or avoiding them, is affected by several factors, including the property’s dimensions, architecture, kind of damp source, and materials utilised, to name a few.

Call our highly trained team to schedule a survey because there are so many details to consider. Before offering you the most cost-effective quote, one of our pleasant team members will inspect the property and thoroughly understand the situation.

Book Your Basement/Cellar Damp Proofing Treatment

Whether you’ve found rotten wood or a damp issue in your property’s basement in Brighton and the surrounding areas, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional straight away.

We can provide services including timber treatment, basement tanking, condensation control, fungal decay remedies and much more, and we always have a team of trained, qualified experts ready to help. Call us now to arrange a site visit.

Some of the Other Services we offer:

  • Proofing Water Damage
  • Condensation and Mould Control
  • Dry Rot Treatment
  • Woodworm & Timber Treatments
  • Wet Rot & Cavity Wall Treatment

Why Choose Sussex Damp Experts

Sussex Damp Experts offers a variety of damp treatment and property preservation services to customers throughout Sussex and the South East. Our staff specialises in damp investigations, timber treatment, damp proofing, including basement tanking, between others and we take satisfaction in providing honest, practical solutions to all damp problems for our customers. As a TrustMark member, you may be confident that you will receive the most outstanding service, including extensive surveys and excellent aftercare guidance. We adhere to high standards when it comes to damp inspections, damp proofing treatments, professional re-plastering and wood preservation.

We give homeowners, local authorities, small businesses, and commercial property owners and managers highly customised, skilled, and dependable damp proofing treatment and repair services, as well as excellent communication. So give us a call at 01273 257 765 to chat with a member of our friendly staff about your requirements.

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