What Is Dry Rot?

Serpula lacrymans, a wood-destroying fungus, is widely known as Dry Rot, but its name is misleading because it requires water for germination, growth, and survival. Indeed, all wood-destroying fungi require water and dampness and a food source in the form of wood. The fungus will stop growing and die if neither of these factors is present. Bacteria and microfungi colonise wood when water penetrates it. These tear down a portion of the cell structure, causing the wood to become porous, allowing it to absorb even more moisture. These fungi can colonise wood if it is sufficiently damp and other conditions are favourable.

This fungus spore settles on damp wood and germinates before the first growth appears. The wood gets even more porous as it is broken down by enzymes generated by the increasing fine hyphae, allowing more moisture to infiltrate. The thin filaments of fungal growth hyphae quickly expand into a bigger mass of mycelium, which spreads over and into the wood, as well as through masonry.

The mycelium becomes white and cotton-wool-like in humid conditions, and in a very humid and stagnant environment, droplets of water resemble teardrops, hence the name lacrymans. The fungus causes these droplets by draining surplus water from the wood.

A fruiting body (Sporophore) may form as the attack progresses. This has the shape of a ‘fleshy pancake,’ with a surface covered in large pores and an orange/ochre colour. The spore-bearing surface is formed by the grooves. Large quantities of spores clump together around the fruiting body, creating a red ‘dust’ that can be seen on the surfaces of joinery and furniture when this fungus is present. Dry Rot, unlike other wood-destroying fungi, may grow on and through brickwork, and in ideal conditions, it can even grow over and through dry materials.

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Signs Of Dry Rot

If you reside in Brighton or are planning to buy a property in the area and have seen any of the following weird occurrences, don’t dismiss them because these could be the early indicators of this terrible fungus:

  • A mushroom odour, particularly when you first enter your property;
  • A fine rust/red dust on your surfaces and furniture. These are the spores that the dry rot fruiting body is spreading;
  • Joinery timbers that crumble readily in your palm;
  • On the sub-floor timbers, a white cotton wool-like growth. This is referred to as mycelium;
  • Floors that are unusually bouncy or twisted.

It is critical to contact Sussex Damp Experts as soon as possible to schedule a professional timber and damp survey. Give us a call on 01273 257 765 or get in contact with us to schedule an appointment with one of our damp proofing specialists to receive the best options to resolve your property’s damp problems. Whether it needs damp proofing for rising damp, wet Rot, timber treatments and/or remedial works, we have a wide range of specialist services.

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Dry Rot Growing

It is sometimes detected at distances of more than 2 metres from its food supply. This ability can lead to severe difficulties with spread to adjacent rooms and even bordering the property.

This rot type fungus (Serpula lacrymans) requires a minimum moisture content of 28-30 per cent to commence an attack on wood, but once established, the fungus can operate at a lower moisture content of 20 per cent. Growth is limited at relative humidity levels below 86 per cent, although above 76 per cent, it can remain dormant.

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How To Deal With Timber Decay Caused by Dry Rot?

Sussex Damp Experts is well-versed in all of the aspects that go into rot eradication and the importance of management measures and associated hazards. Finding and repairing the source of the water, as well as supporting speedy drying, are top priorities. Removing the infected timbers and their food supply and exposing the infected areas will limit the progress of the attack very rapidly. These repairs and treatments must be handled by a professional company.

Sussex Damp Experts – Dry Rot Timber Treatment Specialists

Using us for all of the work eliminates the issue of split accountability generated by a third-party contractor doing part of the task and is the source of many ongoing breakdowns and costly problems.

Sussex Damp Experts is regarded as one of Sussex’s most trustworthy Rot Treatment damp remediation companies. We service all Sussex, and we’ve been members of the Trust Mark for a long time (Government Endorsed Standard).

Please get in contact with us or call 01273 257 765 to receive the best advice on how to tackle your property’s damp timber.

The Importance Of Dealing With Dry Rot On Time

Wood rot and dampness are two of the most devastating problems that may occur in a property; they can cause significant damage and destruction to wood and masonry and substantial disturbance and expense to remove. Stopping the source of the damp and eradicating the fungus assault are the only ways to deal with this severe wood rot problem.

Dry Rot will quickly spread throughout your home if left untreated, causing severe structural damage and requiring thousands of pounds in repairs. Each fungus spore has the potential to start a new dry rot epidemic somewhere else on your land. We are pretty thorough in our corrective work. We begin by identifying the exact source of the problem (damp) and eliminating it. The damaged timbers are cut out to beyond the last visible indication of mycelium, and the wall plaster is removed.

Before replacing the woods with new pre-treated lumber and re-plastering in accordance with our specification, the walls and surviving timbers are thoroughly treated with high-performance timber preservatives.

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Expected Costs Of Dry Rot Treatment & Remediation Services

Sussex Damp Experts offers a diverse range of products and brands. Each case has its own set of requirements and constraints, resulting in many treatment and repair options for timber damage.

It’s advisable to eradicate any causes of dampness before repairing the damage caused by dry rot and woodworm. Problems as rising damp, penetrating damp, wet Rot, excessive condensation, building defects and other causes of timber decay should also be addressed to prevent future timber treatment needs.

Because no two cases are alike, please get in touch with our staff at 01273 257 765 for customised advice and quotes.

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Why Choose Sussex Damp Experts?

Several dry Rot and damp surveys and restoration contracts have been completed by Sussex Damp Experts on both private and commercial premises. We have an exceptional reputation as one of Sussex’s leading dry Rot, damp proofing, water damage, and woodworm removal specialists. Thousands of customers have benefitted from our expert dry rot and damp treatment, which has permanently removed the problems from their homes. All plastering is done in accordance with our Sussex Damp Experts’ Dry Rot and Damp Proofing and Dry Rot re-plastering system, and we only use the safest and best high-performance timber preservatives.

Sussex Damp Experts are damp proofing specialists with experience in the following services:

  • Eradication of Rising Damp – Installing a new damp proof course, expert damp proofing plastering, and refixing joinery timbers were all part of the project;
  • Damp proofing – Installing a new damp proof course, expert damp proof plastering, and refixing joinery timbers were all part of the project;
  • Penetrating Damp – Waterproofing the walls below ground structurally (Basement Tanking);
  • Conversions of basements – Using a Cavity Drain Membrane System (CDM) to waterproof basements, cellars, and vaults;
  • Restoration of water damage caused by burst pipes (private customers and insurance companies);
  • Permeation of rain – Internal repairs and required waterproofing;
  • Positive and passive ventilation systems used to control condensation and mould;
  • Timber treatment;
  • Eradication and repair of dry Rot;
  • Eradication of woodworms and wet Rot;
  • Repairing cracked bricks and cavity wall ties;
  • Blocked Drains and structural resin lining;
  • General property maintenance to eradicate and avoid damp.

Give us a call on 01273 257 765 or contact us to have one of our experts analyse your property and give you the best cost-effective advice on eliminating and repairing damp problems.

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