Understanding Dry Rot

The wood-destroying fungus Serpula lacrymans is commonly referred to as Dry Rot, although its name is misleading because it requires water for germination, growth, and survival. Water and dampness and a food source in the form of wood are necessary for all wood-destroying fungi. If neither of these elements is present, the fungus will cease growing and die.

When water enters the wood, bacteria and microfungi infect it. These rip a section of the cell structure away, making the wood porous and allowing it to absorb even more moisture. If the wood is sufficiently moist and other conditions are favourable, these fungi can invade it.

Before the first growth occurs, this fungus spore rests on damp wood and germinates. As the wood is broken down by enzymes produced by the growing number of fine hyphae, it becomes even more porous, enabling more moisture to penetrate.

The fungal growth hyphae’s thin filaments swiftly extend into a larger mass of mycelium, which spreads across and into the wood as well as through masonry. In humid conditions, the mycelium turns white and cotton-like, and droplets of water resemble teardrops in a very moist and stagnant environment, hence lacrymans. These droplets are caused by the fungus draining excess water from the wood.

As the attack develops, a fruiting body (Sporophore) may form. This has the appearance of a ‘fleshy pancake,’ with a porous surface and an orange/ochre colour. The grooves create a spore-bearing surface. When this fungus is present, large numbers of spores clump together around the fruiting body, forming a red ‘dust’ that can be seen on the surfaces of joinery and furniture.

Dry Rot, unlike other wood-destroying fungi, can grow on and through brickwork and over and through dry materials in optimum conditions.

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Signs Of Dry Rot In Your Property

If you live in Brighton or are going to buy a home there, don’t disregard any of the following occurrences because they could be early signs of this awful fungus:

  • A mushroom odour, particularly when you first enter your property;
  • A fine rust/red dust on your surfaces and furniture. These are the spores that the dry rot fruiting body is spreading;
  • Joinery timbers that crumble readily in your palm;
  • On the sub-floor timbers, a white cotton wool-like growth. This is referred to as mycelium;
  • Floors that are unusually bouncy or twisted.

It is critical to contact Sussex Damp Experts as soon as possible to schedule a professional timber and damp survey. Give us a call on 01273 257 765 or get in contact with us to schedule an appointment with one of our damp proofing specialists to receive the best options to resolve your property’s damp problems. Whether it needs damp proofing for rising damp, wet Rot, timber treatments and/or remedial works, we have a wide range of specialist services.

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How Dry Rot Affects Your Property

Dry rot can affect any sort of wood, old or new, in a home or business. This sort of wood deterioration is becoming increasingly common in homes across the United Kingdom. If you don’t take care of your dry rot problem immediately, it could become dangerous for you and your home.

If you have dry rot concerns, the best solution is to schedule a dry rot survey with Sussex Damp Experts. Our specialist surveyors have over 10 years of combined expertise in diagnosing and repairing dry rot, so you can be sure that your property is in good hands.

Is it safe to live in a house with dry rot?

Dry rot is one of the most dangerous wood fungus, not just because of how it affects your building’s structural integrity but also because of the underlying damp situation it reflects. While dry rot is not a health issue in and of itself, it can cause expensive structural damage that will eventually become a health risk.

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Booking A Dry Rot Survey

If your home or business is experiencing issues with suspected dry rot infestation, we would recommend a professional timber survey conducted on your property. If you believe you have dry rot in your property, get in touch with our team today on 01273 257 765 or fill in a contact form to book a thorough property survey with our dry rot experts.

Our wood rot experts will identify dry rot in wet timber and determine the moisture content of the affected timbers. They will help you understand the causes and propose treatment options to eliminate this wood-destroying fungus.

Investigating Dry Rot Outbreaks

To treat dry rot, you’ll need first to consult a professional. They will then need to determine the full extent of the dry rot outbreak. To do this, they will open up the affected area by removing plaster and render in all directions and removing flooring and lifting floorboards. They will then be in a position to identify the infected timbers.

The importance of enlisting professional assistance stems from the fact that removing this timber may jeopardise structural integrity. They’ll be able to help you get rid of any contaminated wood. An expert will also determine whether you require a chemical-based treatment to aid with less severe dry rot issues.

How To Stop Timber Decay Caused by Dry Rot

Sussex Damp Experts is well-versed in all aspects of rot eradication and the importance of management measures and associated hazards. The primary priorities are locating and correcting the source of the damp and promoting rapid drying. Removing the contaminated timbers and their food supply and exposing the diseased sections will drastically slow the attack. A professional company should conduct these repairs and treatments.

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How To Stop Dry Rot In Your Property

Our professionals will arrive and begin our dry rot treatment process once our dry rot survey is completed, a solution has been agreed upon, and our surveyor has scheduled a convenient time with you. To remedy dry rot in your home, our professionals will take the following measures:

1. Stop the Moisture Source

We will locate and remove any wall plaster or infected wood to allow direct access to the treatment area. Our pre-treatment effort will keep dry rot spores from developing in the future.

2. Remove Damaged Area

To prevent the rot fungus from spreading further, all rotting wood and damaged linings such as panelling, skirting, ceilings, and plaster.

3. Targeted Dry Rot Treatment

A fungicidal paste creates a chemical barrier if the dry rot fungus has infected structural timbers and masonry. This will not only keep the wood-rotting fungus from re-establishing themselves, but it will also keep wood-boring insects at bay for many years.

4. Damaged Timber Replacement

Our experts will begin replacing timber with preservative-treated timbers after they are sure that dry rot has been completely removed from your home.

Types of Dry Rot Treatments

Epoxy treatments

Filling in gaps within the damaged wooden structure with an epoxy treatment is also a treatment we can offer. This will not only kill the rot but will strengthen the wood’s structure.

Commercial antifreeze

We can also treat dry rot with antifreeze to kill the fungus and prevent further growth of dry rot.

Copper compounds

If you plan to bring in new wood to repair dry rot damage, firstly, we need to remove the rotten section. We will saturate the surface of the existing wood with a copper compound before adding the new wood.

Masonry Dry Rot Treatment

Any masonry or brickwork that has been in contact with dry rot will have to be sprayed or injected with fungicide. This treatment will have to seep deep into the substrate to ensure the spread of the dry rot fungus stops.

Fungicide Treatment

Depending on where the rot is located and the stage of infestation, an expert will treat your dry rot with a different approach. The inside of the wood will receive some treatments, while the outside will receive others. To try to prevent a recurrence, we might use a range of dry rot treatments. Boron gel can be used to cure and prevent dry rot in various quantities and concentrations.

Boron rods can also be injected and installed by a professional in your wood. These rods will go into the holes that have already been drilled. Boracol can treat dry rot in more challenging situations if insects such as cockroaches are also present. After the treatment is finished, you can use dry rot repellent paint to safeguard your property from potential dry rot problems. This product contains a unique emulsion that prevents dry rot from spreading. It works on various surfaces, including wood, bricks, mortar, brickwork, and even plaster. Because boron is a potentially harmful substance, it’s better to leave this treatment to the pros. It’s also a good idea to keep anyone vulnerable out of the afflicted area, such as your children.

While some operations can be done at home, most of the therapy must be done by a professional. With the help of our damp proofing experts, we will detect any dry rot issues and assess the severity of the problem. This means we’ll be able to customise our treatment plan to your individual needs. We’re also highly-trained, so we’ll know how to use a biocide properly, ensuring your safety.

Dry rot can be a severe problem that requires immediate attention. If dry rot is not treated quickly, it will spread and cause significant harm. This means that the structural integrity of your home will deteriorate over time. Please don’t put off taking action until it’s too late. If you believe you have a dry rot problem, call 01273 257 765 for a free survey and treatment right now.

How Much Does Dry Rot Treatment Cost?

Because boron is a potentially harmful substance, it’s better to leave this treatment to the pros. It’s also a good idea to keep anyone vulnerable out of the afflicted area, such as your children. While some operations can be done at home, most of the therapy must be done by a professional. With the help of our damp proofing experts, we will detect any dry rot issues and assess the severity of the problem. This means we’ll be able to customise our treatment plan to your individual needs. We’re also highly-trained, so we’ll know how to use a biocide properly, ensuring your safety.

Preventing Dry Rot Reoccuring

Dry rot develops only on surfaces with a greater than ideal moisture content. If your home’s relative humidity is low, dry rot spores will remain dormant. As a result, it’s vital to avoid wetness in your home. Condensation is one of the most common causes of damp, and it can frequently be avoided by using extractor fans properly, opening windows whenever possible, and evenly heating your home.

Damp caused by leaky pipes, broken gutters, and leaking equipment such as washing machines or showers can lead to dry rot.

Simply put – the key to preventing dry rot is to stop excess moisture from building up in your property.

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Sussex Damp Experts: Your Dry Rot Specialists

An inspection is an initial step toward resolving any damp or dry rot issues in your structure. Our damp proofing specialists at Sussex Damp Experts will only report on actual damp problems and offer valuable and cost-effective solutions.

Our moisture proofing experts can assess your home, conduct a damp and timber survey, and recommend the best course of action for repairs. Sussex Damp Experts offers a wide range of damp proofing remedies, and we are confident in our ability to produce cost-effective repairs backed by our 30 years guarantees.

Whether your property requires dry rot control, rising damp treatment, basement waterproofing, timber treatments, or other damp proofing services, you can count on our damp proofing experts to assess the issues in our detailed surveys and provide you with the most professional services to give you peace of mind in the future.

Why Choose Sussex Damp Experts?

We adhere to the highest industry standards in damp proofing, professional re-plastering, wood preservation and treatment, and damp inspections.

We provide homeowners, local governments, small enterprises, and commercial properties with highly customised, skilled, and dependable damp proofing and dry rot treatment and repair services. Call us at 01273 257 765 today to chat with a member of our friendly staff about your requirements.

Some advantages of choosing Sussex Damp Experts:

  • CSSW and CSRT Surveyors
  • Expert service from fully qualified technicians
  • Over 20 years of combined experience

Our Dry Rot Treatment Guarantee

We promise that our specialised professionals have the skills, credentials, craftsmanship, and rot treatments knowledge to provide a successful solution to your dry rot problem as members of Trust Mark.

Our dry rot treatments come with an 30-year guarantee on any work done by our skilled team of dry rot technicians as part of our treatment programme. Our warranty can be transmitted to any future owners, ensuring that your property is protected for years to come.

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