Damp affects walls, floors, and ceilings and wood parts that are commonly used as support structures. If the damp is not controlled and eradicated, the timber elements of the property will start to decay, compromising the support structure and leading to more serious problems.

It’s always better to prevent the need to act to solve a situation that usually it’s more complex (and more expensive) than the measures to prevent it. However, sometimes when it’s discovered, it’s already too late, and treatment, repairs and replacements could be the only solution.

Signs of rising damp or penetrating damp may signify that the damp proof course on walls is damaged, or the outside coating does not resist rain penetration anymore. We can provide you with rising damp treatment, basement waterproofing and all damp related services too. If you need damp proofing services in a property, please call our experienced team on 01273 257 765 to seek expert advice.

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What Are The Common Damp Problems In Timber?

Damp on wood will originate decay problems, which will compromise the building’s structure in the future. It generally provides the perfect conditions for wood fungus to grow. The common problems affecting timber on constructions across the UK are:

Wet Rot

Wet rot is a fungal infestation that thrives in damp conditions. Any unprotected timber in your property from your roof to the ground floor which becomes damp is at risk of fungal attack. There are many types of wet rot fungi, and the infestation should be treated as soon as possible as it can structurally deteriorate timbers in your property.

If wet rot is allowed to progress unchecked, it can cause significant structural damage. Fortunately, wet rot does not propagate through brickwork, and if the moisture is removed, the rot will stop growing.

Dry Rot

Dry rot in your property is a major problem that should be addressed as soon as feasible. It is a harmful type of rot that spreads away from the source of damp and destroys timber and other property fabric.

The fungus Serpula Lacrymans is the only one that causes dry rot, and it is the most dangerous type of fungal deterioration in buildings. It can spread over a whole building and destroy the structure. As previously stated, dry rot can affect any exposed timber that becomes damp with a moisture content of more than 20%, which is easily achieved in a building.


Woodworm is the larvae of numerous beetle species that feed on wood. Woodworm can be identified by holes in the wood and the presence of powder, known as frass, around the holes. Excess dampness might be a concern in a building with a woodworm infestation. The problem is the lack of ventilation in a roof area, cellar, or another enclosed region within an otherwise dry structure.

The Common Furniture Beetle is responsible for up to 75% of all wood damage, and it’s one of the easiest to treat, usually by spraying. Gel treatment is more effective for invasive species like the Woodboring Weevil, Home Longhorn Beetle, and Death Watch Beetle.

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When Do Buildings Need Timber Repairs?

A property is defenceless against various damp-related issues, wood rot, or even infestations of wood-decaying insects. This is when the wood has to be repaired. When these faults affect the wood, you may need to replace it, jolt on steel flitch plates, or even graft new wood to existing wood using epoxy pitch repairs. If caught early enough, the best technique for repairing wet or dry rot-affected timbers is to determine the full extent of the rot and slice the timbers to where it rests. The exposed sections could then be treated with fungicide, and new timbers might be used to replace the rotten wood that had been removed. We make every effort to keep structurally sound wood, but we may need to repair and replace the wood in the most extreme circumstances.

What Types Of Remedial Actions Are Available?

Repairing structural timber might entail a wide range of procedures. A property survey will be followed by evaluating the solutions that are most likely to resolve the issue in that order. Some of the most widely used restorative procedures include joinery and cosmetics, crack and shaking repair, a splice of timber resin, also known as TRS, and solid resin.

Treatments And Repairs For Timber

Timbers with designs and suitable construction can be found in many properties in the United Kingdom. All of this wood is susceptible to woodworm infestation, dampness, rot, and fungal degradation. Fortunately for your timber requirements, Sussex Damp Experts has a solid knowledge of timber damp proofing treatment & repair services. We devote a large amount of effort to timber repairs and other associated treatments, as well as a variety of damp proofing options. Our goal is to provide you with the greatest quality timber repairs that will provide you with actual value since they will be high quality, dependable, and tailored to your property’s needs.

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Treatments for Woodworm and Dry Rot

Woodworm has infested numerous types of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial. The wood beetle may consume wood as a food source, resulting in timber loss. Our surveyors and experienced specialists in Battle are available to help you fix any problems in your property by providing skilled damp care, dry rot repair, and woodworm services to customers in the area. A professional service like ours should only perform dry rot and woodworm treatments. Please schedule an appointment by filling out an online form or contacting our team leader to discuss your needs.

Treatment Of Wet Rot

This type of wood rot consists is a black fungus that attacks wood that has come into contact with wet or damp brickwork, making it soft and spongy to the touch and changing its colour. The treatment approach entails removing the source of dampness, repairing or replacing damaged timbers, and erecting a physical barrier to prevent damp masonry from causing further damage. To conduct a Timber survey in Brighton, give us a call at 01273 257 765 today.

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Our friendly staff will be happy to accept your call and schedule a damp and timber survey at your home. Sussex Damp Experts has dealt with a wide range of wet issues and can teach you how to deal with damp wood conditions. Please get in contact with us to learn more about our services.

Booking A Survey With Sussex Damp Experts

If you’re concerned about a damp problem in your home, a damp survey can help you determine the severity of the problem and offer remedies.

We take pride in our outstanding craftsmanship, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service as one of Sussex’s most established and trusted businesses. Our thorough and detailed surveys, conducted by certified specialists, are comprehensive inspections that provide our customers with a clear picture of any issues with their properties and enable us to provide a reliable price for any necessary work. For competent, objective advice and to schedule a no-obligation damp survey, call our knowledgeable and pleasant staff today at 01273 257 765.

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Cost-Effective Timber Damp Proofing Treatment & Repair Services

Sussex Damp Experts offers a wide choice of products and brands. Every situation has its own requirements and constraints, resulting in a wide range of alternative techniques and strategies to solve timber damages.

Because no two cases are alike, please contact our team at 01273 257 765 for a customised quote.

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Our damp proofing professionals will accurately analyse and diagnose the severity of your damp problem. Specific damp treatments and the most effective techniques to treat your condition will be recommended.

Our experts are trained to surpass the industry’s standards. Our surveyors are Certified Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT), which is why we offer the best level of care and service to our customers.

We are damp proofing specialists that can provide you with a range of services, from surveys to treatments and all the repairs, whether on timber or walls, ceilings and floors you can rely on Sussex Damp Experts. We work with commercial property owners, property managing companies and private owners.

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