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We usually realise that a property has a damp problem when we find indications of it on the interior walls. The most prevalent warning indicators are easy to see and recognise. We frequently encounter moist patches on damp walls that don’t seem to go away. Wallpaper and paint can be a touch flaky at times, and plaster can quickly disintegrate. On the internal walls and ceilings, ugly black mould stains are common. In addition, the walls will feel moist to the touch, and a musty odour may be present. All of this may be seen on the inside, but the majority of wet comes through outside walls, so is damp resistant paint for exterior walls the solution?

Whether your damp walls problems it’s on internal walls, external walls, cavity walls, or even garden walls, Sussex Damp Experts are the one’s to contact. Please contact Sussex Damp Experts on 01273 257 765 for experienced, reliable and affordable solutions to address excess moisture situations.

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Pros And Cons Of Damp Proof Treatment With Painting

As we all know, prevention is always preferable to treatment. Applying a coat to a property’s exterior walls as a preventative precaution is a great idea. And, if you’ve waited too long and have penetrating or rising damp, adding damp proof paint to the exterior walls after the damp has been effectively treated will provide a good degree of waterproofing protection for years to come.

What Is The Purpose Of Exterior Damp Proof Paint?

It’s crucial to understand the limitations of moisture-proof paint for outside walls. As previously said, dampness normally enters a building from the outside. Condensation is an exception to this rule, which occurs when a property has too much surplus moisture and insufficient ventilation. Penetrating damp is produced by a structural flaw in the building that causes water to seep into the interior walls from the outside. Guttering, for example, is used to deflect rainwater away from a building’s walls.

However, if the guttering cracks, the previous protection provided to the walls is lost, and the walls become vulnerable. The same can be said about growing damp.

Water naturally rises, and if the damp proof course fails, the barrier protecting the home from the rise in water is also removed, allowing damp to climb from the outside (or from the ground) and up the inside walls. So, it is too late once the above-mentioned damp signals and symptoms have been detected on the internal walls. You can’t simply apply a thick coat of damp resistant paint to the exterior walls and expect all of your troubles to disappear. For a detailed survey and advice on solutions for the damp problems of your property, please call our damp proof team on the 01273 257 765 and book an appointment with us.

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Why Damp Proof Paint Shouldn’t Be Used On A Solid Brick Wall?

Because of their permeability, bricks have been our preferred building material for hundreds of years. Moisture is collected and then evaporated through their sponge-like structure, preventing damp from accumulating.

Water does not travel through the primary construction of modern buildings, and internal moisture is regulated via ventilation.

The operation of old structures with solid brick walls is somewhat different. Bricks absorb and then release moisture through their porous structure, similar to a sponge. Whether it’s outer moisture from rain or indoor humidity from cooking, cleaning, or laundry, the process is the same.

The Correct Approach

The external walls of a building are the ones that are most exposed to the elements, especially rain. Rainwater can seep into a property through the brickwork of a structure. For example, where there are cracks in the brickwork or insufficient pointing. Even if a building’s structure is good and there are no flaws, in exceptionally poor weather or periods of lengthy and heavy rain (which, let’s face it, is British weather!), the external walls will not have a meaningful chance to dry out and will remain moist.

Other causes of compromised waterproofing walls can be related to damaged damp-proof membranes or ineffective damp proof courses.

For the reasons mentioned above, it’s advisable to resolve the damages caused by water ingress before applying a waterproofing coat of paint on the wall. This provides a longer-term solution.

To have a damp proof specialist analysing your building’s situation, contact us on the 01273 257 765 and book a survey to give you the best solutions.

Damp Proof Paints – Sussex Damp Experts

There are situations where the best option is to apply a clear moisture-proof exterior wall coating that prevents dampness and erosion in brick and stone structures without altering their look or compromising the building’s breath.

There are several advantages to waterproofing exterior walls:

  • Does not alter the appearance of the property;
  • Available for small brick and stone houses, to large mansions, pubs, hotels and commercial buildings;
  • Suitable for grade 1 or grade 2 listed buildings;
  • Approved by architects. Meets BS 6477 Standard for Groups 1, 3 and 4;
  • Fully guaranteed by professional damp proofing contractors;
  • An aqueous-based hydrophobic impregnating agent based on a mixture of silane and siloxane;
  • Application takes between 2 and 4 days, depending on the size of the building.
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Maintaining The Building’s Ventilation

Moisture evaporation through brickwork is not the same as air moving through your walls. While a structure can be fully sealed against cold draughts, the bricks can still breathe.

This is the proper way to regulate temperature and moisture in a period home without interfering with the bricks’ inherent permeability.

Naturally, ventilation is required to remove stale air and prevent excessive moisture build-up and condensation. With a PIV unit, for example, ventilation can be easily installed for a small cost.

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How Can I Keep Water Out If I Can’t Use Waterproof Paint On The Exterior?

Penetrating damp is a type of damp that enters your property from the outside. Penetrating damp is treated by restoring the exterior wall to a high grade rather than completely sealing it.

Penetrating damp is created by fissures in the brickwork or pointing that allow water to penetrate into the building, rather than by natural water absorption of the bricks. Erosion and freeze-throw damage increase these fissures over time.

It would help if you had your building’s exterior regularly evaluated for cracks or rotted pointing so that they can be fixed before penetrating moisture develops.

Sussex Damp Experts can help you with this. Whether you already have a damp wall or you want to have a technician checking your property’s current state, our team of damp proofing specialists will detect and identify the problems and give you the best options to prevent damp walls and, if necessary, address the damages and repair the causes with the best cost-effective solutions. Please give us a call on 01273 257 765 to receive the best advice on dealing with damp walls, actively or preventively.

Cost-Effective Damp Proofing Paint Treatments

Sussex Damp Experts have a wide variety of solutions with different brands and product ranges. Every situation can have its specific necessities and constringent, resulting in various possible approaches and plans of action.

Because not every case is the same, please get in touch with our team on 01273 257 765 to receive an adequate quote.

Why Choose Sussex Damp Experts?

Qualified Technicians

Sussex Damp Experts has qualified workers who will provide excellent service in a friendly manner, which we take pride in. We provide knowledge, professionalism, and hard work throughout the process, from the initial survey to the follow-up consultation to the actual work, so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

Customer Focused Services

Because damp proofing is not a “one-size-fits-all” issue, you should employ a damp proofing specialist who has the skills and knowledge to inspect your property and offer the best solution properly. Too many homeowners hire a contractor primarily based on price, only to be disappointed when the work is inefficient. At Sussex Damp Experts, we’re different; we believe in providing a cost-effective solution that allows you to relax, knowing that your damp issues are permanently resolved.

Some of the advantages of choosing our services:

  • Comprehensive damp and timber reports are a speciality of ours;
  • Surveyors who have completed the CSRT’s full training programme;
  • TrustMark Members;
  • A reputable business;
  • A comprehensive approach to older constructions;
  • Providing you with a medical certificate of good health;
  • Employees who are courteous and friendly.

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